First District Court of Appeals Announces New Court Mediator

The First District Court of Appeals has hired Mary T. Minnillo as the new Mediation and Conference Attorney. Ms. Minnillo brings a specific set of skills and experience that will aid the Court, as well as the parties and attorneys that choose to participate in Mediation Services. She has represented clients before courts of appeals and trial courts in the State of Ohio regarding both criminal and civil matters. Ms. Minnillo has served the First District Court of Appeals as a staff attorney for over 20 years. Ms. Minnillo brings the unique insight of working with a number of judges during her tenure as a staff attorney. She is excited to bring this unique perspective to parties while engaging in the mediation process.  Ms. Minnillo has received mediation training through the Ohio Supreme Court. To read more about Ms. Minnillo’s professional background, click here.

Last year, the Court’s Mediation Program completed its first full year of operation after being developed in 2021 as part of the Court’s initiatives to increase efficiency and access to the Court. The Mediation Program provides parties with structured assistance in reaching resolution prior to oral arguments. Mediation services are offered virtually and in-person. Cases referred to the Mediation Program may, by agreement of the parties, be put on a Mediation Stay, which extends deadlines for case briefs and allows parties to focus their efforts on settlement. The First District Court of Appeals is excited to see this program grow under the direction of Ms. Minnillo.