Judge Kinsley Hears Arguments at the Ohio Supreme Court

Judge Kinsley hears oral arguments at the Ohio Supreme Court on July 9, 2024

On Tuesday, July 9, First District Judge Jennifer Kinsley took the bench at the Ohio Supreme Court. Judge Kinsley attended oral arguments in place of Justice Jennifer Brunner, who recused.

In an article posted by Court News Ohio, Judge Jennifer Kinsley reflected on the importance of community and her love of teaching. Judge Kinsley’s career path has allowed her to have the “best of both worlds,” where she can teach and practice law. Judge Kinsley is a law professor and previously taught abroad at a judicial college in Turkey. Judge Kinsley noted, “It’s been wonderful to go around the world and share concepts of law and learn about other countries’ legal systems. I find that really enriching and exciting.”

As a teacher and community member, Judge Kinsley aims to regularly engage and connect with the community in and outside the courtroom. “I think it’s empowering when you give people who are struggling a chance to see their own positivity and their own ability to impact people,” she said. “There’s always something that you can learn from every person; always something that you can take away.”

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