Judge Myers Hears Case at Ohio Supreme Court

Presiding and Administrative Judge Beth A. Myers heard oral arguments as a visiting judge Tuesday at the Supreme Court of Ohio.

The Ohio Constitution allows the chief justice to select any of the 69 current Ohio appellate court judges to sit temporarily on the Supreme Court in the event of a justice’s recusal in a case.

Judge Beth A. Myers was joined as a visiting judge by Fifth District Judge W. Scott Gwin, and Tenth District Judges Laurel Beatty Blunt and Lisa L. Sadler to hear cases on Tuesday.

“I enjoy working with judges across the state,” Judge Myers said. “It’s particularly fun when I get to serve the Supreme Court, but doing it with a fellow visiting judge is an added bonus.”

Judges Myers and Sadler sat in place of Justices Michael P. Donnelly and Melody J. Stewart, who recused themselves in Disciplinary Counsel vs. Judge Carr. The parties debated the severity of a suspension that should be imposed on a Cleveland municipal judge who committed an unprecedented number of judicial conduct infractions during a two-year span.

Since 2017, Judge Myers has been a part of the First District, hearing cases originating in Hamilton County. Before that, she spent more than 13 years on the Hamilton County Common Pleas bench and 21 years in private practice. Her previous appearance at the Supreme Court was in May 2018.