Students and Interns Visit The First District Court of Appeals

On Monday, June 10, approximately 60 students and interns visited the First District Court of Appeals. Those in attendance were from a variety of organizations, including the City Solicitor’s Office, the Southern District of Ohio, Hamilton County Juvenile Court, Hamilton County Municipal Court, Hamilton County Public Defender’s Office, the Hamilton County Self-Help Center, the Ohio Justice and Policy Center, and the Forest Hills School District. The students and interns observed oral arguments in 3 cases before a three-judge panel consisting of Presiding Judge Marilyn Zayas, Judge Candace Crouse, and Judge Jennifer Kinsely. At the conclusion of oral arguments, the students and interns participated in a question-and-answer session with Judge Zayas, Judge Crouse, Judge Kinsley, Hamilton County Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Norbert Wessels, and Hamilton County Assistant Public Defender Margaret Kane. In addition to the question-and-answer session, the attending students and interns were guided on a tour of the First District’s offices by the staff attorneys of Judge Crouse and Judge Kinsley.

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