The First District Court of Appeals Welcomes 2024 Summer Interns

                                 The First District Court of Appeals Welcomes 2024 Summer Interns


     The First District Court of Appeals is pleased to welcome and introduce this year’s cohort of summer interns. This group includes five law students and three undergraduate students from the University of Cincinnati as well as several other colleges from across the country. Led and coordinated by Judge Ginger Bock and Judge Jennifer Kinsley, the internship program combines elements of observational and hands-on learning to expand interns’ knowledge and capabilities in the legal field. The interns will observe court proceedings, engage in projects involving legal research and writing, tour trial courts in Cincinnati, assist judges, staff attorneys, Court administration, and each other with case management, and much more.  

     When asked about the current cohort, Judge Bock, said “Our court is so fortunate to have this group of bright and talented students with us for the summer. They are eager to learn about the legal system and it shows in their work.”

     Judge Kinsley said, “This year’s summer intern class brings together law students and undergraduate students from some of the country’s top universities to advance the work of the court. We are grateful to the interns for the enthusiasm, community spirit, and eagerness to learn that they bring to this experience, and we look forward to a meaningful summer together.”  

                                                                  DIVERSITY INTERNSHIP PROGRAM 

     Interns from the University of Cincinnati School of Law are part of the Diversity Internship program, which was established jointly by the Court and law school four years ago. This program centers around a commitment to diversity in the legal field. It gives law students from diverse backgrounds and those committed to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion the opportunity to gain legal experience, apply their current knowledge of the law to Court operations, and learn from legal professionals such as judges and staff attorneys. Erin Gray, Vianne Koshoffer, Meredith Mast, and Casey Semple are all part of the program this summer.       

Erin Gray  

     Erin is an incoming 2L at University of Cincinnati College of Law. A dedicated Cincinnati resident, she has lived in the Greater Cincinnati area for her entire life and attended the University of Cincinnati for her undergraduate studies as well. She graduated with a degree in International Relations and Liberal Arts. She is excited to explore the legal field further with the Court this summer and is especially interested in civil litigation. She explored this type of law during an internship with the GE Aerospace legal office, where she worked on civil matters like contract disputes. After her experience at a law office, Erin is motivated to see an alternative perspective within the legal field and is excited to observe the judicial side of the law this summer. Outside of the legal profession, Erin enjoys cooking, as well as yoga and Pilates. 

Vianne Koshoffer  

     Vianne is a rising 2L at the University of Cincinnati College of Law. She attended Transylvania University for undergraduate degree, where she majored in International Studies and minored in German. She is curious about environmental and international law, but is excited to explore all facets of the law with the Court this summer. Drawn by the many opportunities to learn and apply her existing knowledge of the law, she is most excited for shadowing opportunities with legal professionals and working on impactful projects for the Court. In addition to her professional career and aspirations, Vianne is a member of and passionate advocate for the LGBTQ+ community. She is also an avid rock climber.   

Meredith Mast  

     Meredith is also a rising 2L at the University of Cincinnati College of Law. Prior to law school, she attended The Ohio State University and double majored in Political Science and Criminology and Criminal Justice Studies. She is most interested in criminal law and civil rights litigation and is excited to expand and apply her knowledge of these areas with the Court. Through this internship, she aims to learn how to be a better advocate for her community. Before joining the Court this summer, Meredith applied her skills and helped her community by interning with the State Public Defender’s Wrongful Conviction Project. Furthermore, she served as the 1L representative for the Women in Law organization at UC Law. Outside of school and professional activities, Meredith enjoys reading and finding new dinner recipes. 

Casey Semple  

     Casey is a rising 2L at the University of Cincinnati College of Law. Prior to law school, he attended The Ohio State University, where he studied Political Science and Studio Art. Within the legal field, Casey wants to explore areas of public interest law, and is particularly passionate about fair housing, employment law, and being an advocate for labor unions. He previously worked with the Columbus Legal Aid Eviction Team, and also contributed to the Cincinnati Housing Team’s efforts to enforce the Federal Fair Housing Act. Casey is excited to expand on his legal interests with the First District Court of Appeals, explore the courts of Cincinnati, and collaborate on important case projects. In his free time, Casey enjoys ceramics and playing the violin.   

                                                                                 LEGAL EXTERNSHIP    

     In addition to the interns from the Diversity Internship Program, the court is excited to host another law student this summer.   

Grace Kruis 

     Grace is a rising 2L at Tulane Law School and will join the Court this summer as a legal extern. Before law school, Grace graduated from Miami University with a degree in Diplomacy and Global Politics. She previously interned for the U.S Embassy in Luxembourg, as well as the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. She is most interested in international trade and energy law but is excited to be exposed to other types of law at the court. Her favorite class in law school thus far was civil procedure, and she looks forward to observing the contents of that class be demonstrated in the courtroom. Beyond her academic and professional interests, Grace enjoys hiking and camping with friends.   

                                                                          UNDERGRADUATE INTERNS 

     The Court will also welcome several undergraduate interns this summer.   

Emma Feldmeier 

     Emma is an incoming sophomore at Washington University in St. Louis majoring in Political Science and thinking about minoring in Psychology and Spanish. She is grateful for the opportunity to work at the Court this summer and is excited to watch oral arguments, debrief with fellow interns, engage in hands-on projects, and apply what she learns along the way. At the moment, she is interested in constitutional, civil rights, and immigration law, though she wants to explore other areas of the law as well. She previously interned with a youth civic engagement nonprofit called, New Voters and published some law-related articles with NPR in Cincinnati. In her free time, she enjoys traveling and hiking in National Parks.     

Pilar Steward  

     Pilar is a rising sophomore at the University of Michigan majoring in International Studies and minoring in Spanish. She is very excited to join the Court this summer and hopes to expand her knowledge of court proceedings, especially at the appellate level, and learn from law students, staff attorneys, and judges. An experienced advocate, Pilar is a member of the advocacy committee for UNICEF at Michigan and recently helped end child marriage in the state. She looks forward to applying her advocacy skills to her work at the Court this summer and exploring different types of law. Outside of school and work, Pilar enjoys exploring farmers markets and playing pickle ball with friends.   

Cameron Wilburn  

     Cameron has been working for Judge Bergeron for several weeks. She is a rising sophomore at American University, majoring in Legal Studies and Art History and minoring in Philosophy. During her time with the Court thus far, she has worked on many projects and enjoys reviewing court documents and evidence. She appreciates this opportunity to meet and work with legal professionals, as well as gain experience working in the law. Within the legal field, she is most interested in the prosecution of sex crimes and human trafficking. In her free time, she loves to read. Her favorite genre is psychological fiction.   

                                                                                UPCOMING INTERNS

     Later this summer, Maria Sanchez-Hernandez and Emery Richards will join the summer intern cohort. They will be working for Judge Bergeron to assist with his cases. Maria is a rising junior and Emery is a rising senior at Centre College.  

     The First District Court of Appeals welcomes these interns and hopes to facilitate growth in their knowledge and abilities throughout the summer.