Judge Bock Hears Arguments at the Ohio Supreme Court

Judge Ginger Bock at the Ohio Supreme Court on March 12, 2024

First District Judge Ginger Bock heard oral arguments at the Ohio Supreme Court on Tuesday, March 12, in place of Justice Jennifer Brunner, who recused.

In an article published by Court News Ohio, Judge Bock discusses her approach to her assignment to the Ohio Supreme Court. While excited for the opportunity, she prepared for the case at the Supreme Court how she prepares for all cases before her. “I try to treat each case like it is the most important case in the world. For the people in the courtroom it is the most important thing in the world,” Judge Bock said.

She also recounted some of the sources of inspiration in her life and career and the importance of inspiring others. Inspired by her mother who worked in social work, Judge Bock learned the importance of advocating for change when she wrote letter to the Cincinnati Reds criticizing the gender requirement of ball boys after being told she couldn’t be one. The next year, the Reds opened the role up to ball girls. This lesson is one she hopes to inspire in her work in the courtroom and in the classroom. She said to Court News Ohio, “I love having the opportunity to talk to students interested in the law and tell their dreams are possible.”

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