2022 Decisions

DateCaseCase CaptionDecisionSummary
02/09/2022C-210306Groeschen vs. JohnsViewView
02/09/2022C-210304Dansberry vs. Mercy Health West, et. alViewView
02/09/2022C-210259State of Ohio vs. BachtelViewView
03/09/2022C-210261Roger Paul vs. PNC Bank, Nat'l AssociationViewView
03/09/2022C-210275Stephen C. Cagle vs. Leah M. CagleViewView
03/09/2022C-210287State of Ohio vs. Ledon SpurlingViewView
03/11/2022C-210182In Re: A.Y.ViewView
01/21/2022C210177Kimberly K. Altman, Timothy Altman v. Dave W. ParkerViewView
01/21/2022C210382State of Ohio v. Marvin HendricksonView
01/19/2022C180221State of Ohio v. Anthony RosemondViewView
01/19/2022C210236State of Ohio, Ex Rel., Michael A. Rimroth, Michael A. Rimroth v. City of Harrison, Ohio, William Neyer, Mayor of the City of Harrison, The Civil Service Commission, City of Harrison, OhioViewView
01/14/2022C210207Robert Bonifacio v. Raymond Storage Concepts, Inc.ViewView
01/12/2022C200173Patricia Adams, Larry Adams v. Abubakar Atiq Durrani, M.D., Center for Advanced Spine Technologies, Inc.ViewView
01/07/2022C210240Takeitha Johnson v. Cincinnati Metro Housing AuthorityViewView
01/05/2022C210165Joseph Fairless, Bayberry Crossing, LLC v. Acuity, A Mutual Insurance CompanyViewView
01/05/2022C210168Nancy Roell, as Executrix of the Estate of Gary L. Roell, Sr. v. Joseph Huddleston, Matthew Alexander, Willy DalidViewView
01/05/2022C210267State of Ohio v. Maurice SmithViewView
01/05/2022C210278Marlon Hill, Sr. v. Tieshia FergusonViewView
01/05/2022C210479In re: K.S.ViewView
01/26/2022C210260Eileen Jones, as substituted Plaintiff-Appellant, for Bradley Ensinger, Lynn M. McGowan-Russell v. Sharefax Credit Union, Inc.ViewView
01/26/2022C210247Ilana Linder v. Ohio Department of AgingViewView
01/28/2022C210150Shipp v. NortonViewView
02/02/2022C210327State of Ohio v. Michael CandlerView
02/07/2022C-210206Washington v. American General Life Ins. Co.ViewView
02/07/2022C-210349Schaad v. AlterViewView
02/07/2022C-210251State v. EvansViewView
02/09/2022C-200431State of Ohio vs. PeelViewView
02/09/2022C-200432State of Ohio vs. PeelViewView
02/09/2022C-200433State of Ohio vs. PeelViewView
02/16/2022C-210294State of Ohio vs. Rico CollinsViewView
02/16/2022C-210312State of Ohio vs. Terence ThomasViewView
02/16/2022C-210365State of Ohio vs. Bret HoustonView
02/18/2022C-210268Scott vs. Wells, Metro Security &Detective Agency, LLCViewView
02/18/2022C-210450State of Ohio vs. Anthony DenomaView
02/18/2022C-210590In Re: H.M.M. and J.A.M.ViewView
02/25/2022C-210112Emily B. Rummelhoff vs. David P. RummelhoffViewView
02/25/2022C-210139Cincinnati Bell Telephone Co., LLC vs. J.K. Meurer Corp.ViewView
02/25/2022C-210239Forrest P. Gauthier vs. Su Kang Gauthier and Robert A. KlinglerViewView
02/25/2022C-210388In Re: J.P.ViewView
02/25/2022C-210176Emily B. Rummelhoff vs. David P. RummelhoffViewView
02/24/2022C-210579In Re: D.S.ViewView
03/02/2022C-210258State of Ohio vs. BrantleyViewView
03/02/2022C-210303Scroggs vs. City of CincinnatiViewView
03/02/2022C-210331Patricia E. Williams vs. Richard A. WilliamsViewView
03/04/2022C-210274State of Ohio vs. CurryViewView
03/04/2022C-210334, C-210335, C-210336State of Ohio vs. MughniViewView
03/09/2022C-210470In Re: M. ChildrenViewView
03/11/2022C-210183In Re: A.Y.ViewView
03/11/2022C-210184In Re: A.Y.ViewView
03/11/2022C-210295Hatfield vs. HatfieldViewView
03/11/2022C-210297State of Ohio vs. Joseph FlemingViewView
03/11/2022C-210340State of Ohio vs. Carlos BeauchampViewView
03/11/2022C-210421State of Ohio vs. Kenneth GilesView
03/16/2022C-210270State of Ohio vs. Quinta LamarView
03/16/2022C-210341Daniel McQuade & Gloria McQuade vs. Mayfield Clinic Inc.ViewView
03/16/2022C-210356Freedom Fund, LLC vs. Lvreis, Inc.ViewView
03/16/2022C-210674In Re: N.M. and A.M.View
03/18/2022C-210217In Re: James SullivanViewView
03/18/2022C-210218In Re: David GipsonViewView
03/18/2022C-210276State of Ohio vs. McKinneyViewView
03/18/2022C-210318In Re: J.C.ViewView
03/18/2022C-210325255 Fifth St. Holdings, LLC vs. 255 Fifth St. Limited PartnershipViewView
03/18/2022C-210350In Re: S.W.ViewView
03/23/2022C-190502Bayliss vs. DurraniViewView
03/25/2022C-210256State of Ohio vs. Buddy BullockViewView
03/25/2022C-210257State of Ohio vs. Buddy BullockViewView
03/25/2022C-210308Duke Energy One, Inc. vs. Cincinnati State Tech. & Comm. CollegeViewView
03/25/2022C-210342Colerain Twp. Bd. of Trustees vs. Bench Billboard Co.ViewView
03/30/2022C-210302State of Ohio vs. Regina A. CollinsViewView
03/30/2022C-210343Thomas E. Brinkman, Jr. vs. City of Cincinnati, et. alViewView
03/30/2022C-210353Thomas E. Brinkman, Jr. vs. City of Cincinnati, et. alViewView
03/30/2022C-210362La'Sheara Coleman vs. Dale WarrenViewView
03/30/2022C-210391State of Ohio vs. Darrell HarrisViewView
03/30/2022C-210428D. Setters & C. Setters vs. A.A. Durrani & The Center for Advanced Spine Technologies, Inc.ViewView
03/30/2022C-210437D. Setters & C. Setters vs. A.A. Durrani & The Center for Advanced Spine Technologies, Inc.ViewView
03/30/2022C-210451H.C. Helton, et. al vs. Fifth Third BankViewView
03/30/2022C-210580In Re: D.V. and J.A.ViewView
03/30/2022C-210624In Re: D.V. and J.A.ViewView
03/30/2022C-210201Henderson vs. M. DeWine, et. alViewView
04/01/2022C-210169State of Ohio vs. R.S.ViewView
04/01/2022C-210170State of Ohio vs. R.S.ViewView
04/01/2022C-210171State of Ohio vs. R.S.ViewView
04/01/2022C-210172State of Ohio vs. R.S.ViewView
04/01/2022C-210173State of Ohio vs. R.S.ViewView
04/01/2022C-210369State of Ohio vs. Colerain Township, et. alViewView
04/01/2022C-210383City of Cincinnati vs. Steven M. Rennick, Sr. & Phyllis RennickViewView
04/06/2022C-200353Great American Insurance Co. of N.Y. vs. Philadelphia Indemnity Insurance Co.ViewView
04/06/2022C-200428State of Ohio vs. Shawn StaplesViewView
04/08/2022C-210181In Re: N.E.ViewView
04/08/2022C-210323State of Ohio vs. Baron BrandViewView
04/13/2022C-210250Fox Consulting Group, Inc. vs. Mailing Services of Pittsburgh, Inc.ViewView
04/13/2022C-210370Justin L. Dennis vs. Nicole L. DennisViewView
04/15/2022C-210482Cileta Fry vs. City of Cincinnati, et. alViewView
04/15/2022C-210205Pioneer Automotive, LLC vs. Village Gate, LLCViewView
04/20/2022C-210166State of Ohio vs. Robert Earl NealViewView
04/20/2022C-210235State of Ohio vs. Kent SmithViewView
04/20/2022C-210432Blue Ash Auto Body, Inc. & Jonathan Kerr vs. Andrew FrankViewView
04/20/2022C-210447State of Ohio vs. Vaton FosterViewView
04/22/2022C-210315Richard Bothwick vs. Dept. of Bldg. & Inspections, et. alViewView
04/22/2022C-210372State of Ohio vs. Troy EvensonViewView
04/22/2022C-210373State of Ohio vs. Troy EvensonViewView
04/22/2022C-210389Sycamore Township vs. Alice Carr, et. al & Dr. Parneet SohiViewView
04/27/2022C-210220Kimberly L. Kitchens vs. Cedric Ruff, dba Diamond-N-The-RuffViewView
04/27/2022C-210399Lawrence E. Meehan vs. John H. Mardis, et. alViewView
04/27/2022C-210423State of Ohio vs. Dearrius HamptonViewView
04/29/2022C-210271State of Ohio vs. Antrell LylesViewView
05/04/2022C-200438Hamilton County Treasurer vs. Kenneth Shane Scott, et. alViewView
05/04/2022C-210157Crown Asset Management, LLC vs. Alan GaynorViewView
05/04/2022C-210471Deer Park Roofing, Inc. vs. Thomas Douglas, et. alViewView
05/06/2022C-210198State of Ohio vs. Joel JordanViewView
05/06/2022C-210199State of Ohio vs. Joel JordanViewView
05/06/2022C-210238Rick Carlson vs. City of Cincinnati vs. Tuscan Hillside Development, LLCViewView
05/06/2022C-210298Su Kang Gauthier vs. Forrest GauthierViewView
05/06/2022C-210435, C-210436State of Ohio vs. Jordan NashViewView
05/11/2022C-210244State of Ohio vs. Montex HensonViewView
05/11/2022C-210326State of Ohio vs. James WilliamsViewView
05/11/2022C-210337State of Ohio vs. Jeff JohnsViewView
05/11/2022C-210338State of Ohio vs. Jeff JohnsViewView
05/18/2022C-210481State of Ohio v. Perry StephensView
05/18/2022C-210520State of Ohio v. Brandon BryantView
05/20/2022C-220078State of Ohio v. Lorena CelisViewView
05/25/2022C-210345, C-210346, C-210347, C-210348State of Ohio v. Brian BarnesViewView
05/25/2022C-210354The Bank of New York Mellon v. Necole Mitchell, Michael L. GriffinView
05/25/2022C-210381State of Ohio v. Kevin JohnsonViewView
05/25/2022C-210398Lisa A. Morrison v. Frank S. WaltersViewView
05/25/2022C-210463State of Ohio v. William EmbreeViewView
05/27/2022C-210288, C-210289, C-210290, C-210291, C-210292, C-210293State of Ohio v. Anthony MossViewView
05/27/2022C-210363State of Ohio v. MIchael SchillingViewView
05/27/2022C-210422Custom Pro Logistics, LLC v. Penn Logistics LLCViewView
05/27/2022C-210457Ellen F. Krasik v. Howard NewstateViewView
05/27/2022C-210532, C-210536Derek Lester v. FCA US LLCViewView
05/27/2022C-210568Marietta K. Garber, Guardian of Dorothy Lockspeiser v. Michael J. Schneider, Ohio Attorney GeneralViewView
05/27/2022C-220113In re: W/H ChildrenViewView
06/01/2022C-210408Victoria Morgan v. Mark G. JonesViewView
06/03/2022C-210483State of Ohio v. Elizabeth FisselViewView
06/08/2022C-210321State of Ohio v. Brandon HareViewView
06/08/2022C-210344State of Ohio, Ex Rel. Brandon Hare v. The Honorable Heather S. RussellViewView
06/08/2022C-220048State of Ohio v. Germaine JohnsonView
06/10/2022C-210385, C-210386State of Ohio v. Ricardo FuquaViewView
06/10/2022C-210469Tiffany J. Souders v. Stephen T. SoudersViewView
06/10/2022C-210503State of Ohio v. Eric DayViewView
06/10/2022C-220118In re: H.W.,Jr.View
06/15/2022C-210376Dianna G. Gardner, by and through her daughter and power of attorney, Kelly Strunk v. Ohio Department of Job and Family ServicesViewView
06/15/2022C-210384State of Ohio v. Timothy WilliamsViewView
06/17/2022C-210434State of Ohio v. Tiana BinghamViewView
06/17/2022C-210515Joshua Fikes v. Estate of Joseph Fikes, III, Gregory FikesViewView
06/17/2022C-210587State of Ohio v. Courtney WilsonViewView
06/22/2022C-210317, C-210387In re: J.N., a minor childViewView
06/22/2022C-210410State of Ohio v. Joseph Mario RallsViewView
06/22/2022C-210413Robert Migliara v. Elizabeth MigliaraViewView
06/22/2022C-210438Shynita Staley v. Brooke Phillips, a.k.a. Brooke BryceViewView
06/22/2022C-210477B&T Business Ventures, Daljit Singh, Taminder Singh, Satparm, LLC, Karma Express, LLC v. Disi Brothers Land, LLC, Kentucky Deal Holdings, LLC, Ghassan Abu-Hilal, Stop N Shop, LLC, Ravinger Singh, Inderjeet Mann, Harpreet Singh, Pinki SinghViewView
06/24/2022C-210285State of Ohio v. Angelo HowardViewView
06/24/2022C-210454, C-210467WSB Rehabilitation Services, Inc. v. Central Accounting Systems, Inc., C. Micah Rand, Inc. d.b.a. Brookwood Retirement Community, Rand Loveland LLC, d.b.a. Loveland Healthcare Nursing and Rehab Center, Evan Gray, LLC, d.b.a. Florence Park Nursing & Rehab Center, Micah Clovernook, LLC, d.b.a. Clovernook Health Care Pavilion, Crystalwood, Inc., d.b.a. Crystalwood, Inc., d.b.a. The Alois Alzheimer CenterViewView
06/24/2022C-210486State of Ohio v. Gregory WrightViewView
06/24/2022C-220104, C-220126In re: B.R.View
06/29/2022C-210519State of Ohio v. Gregg ThomasViewView
06/29/2022C-210614State of Ohio v. Jalil Saheid DixonViewView
07/01/2022C-210145Jared B. Chamberlain, Special Administrator of the Estate of Isaac Harrell v. Ohio Department of Job and Family ServicesViewView
07/01/2022C-210657Dix Road Property Management, LLC v. Susan Brown, Steven C. KruminsViewView
07/06/2022C-210461Teresa Alexander & Daniel Deters, Co-administrators of the Estate of Jordan Alexander v. Tiffany Davis, Dayton Corrugated Packaging Corp., Q5 Talent, L.L.C., Hire Solution, L.L.C.ViewView
07/06/2022C-220128In re: A.D., Jr.ViewView
07/08/2022C-210219, C-210430Charles Menkhaus v. Nicole Fenyo MenkhausViewView
07/08/2022C-210409State of Ohio v. Bryan StrietelmeierViewView
07/08/2022C-210577State of Ohio v. Shauna Michelle SulkenViewView
07/08/2022C-210644State of Ohio v. Ronald MartinViewView
07/13/2022C-210316, C-210332Robert Bohannon II v. Nyshia Lewis (f.k.a. Bohannon)ViewView
07/13/2022C-210445State of Ohio v. Sean Stockstill-ReeceViewView
07/13/2022C-210514In re: J.M.ViewView
07/13/2022C-220114State of Ohio v. Christopher SowdersViewView
07/15/2022C-210366Elizabeth Ijakoli v. Gabriel AlungbeViewView
07/15/2022C-210628State of Ohio v. Clifton HarrisView
07/22/2022C-210392Tyra v. Tyra ViewView
07/22/2022C-210540Chamberlain v. Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services ViewView
07/27/2022C-210149State of Ohio v. Devin GalinariViewView
07/27/2022C-210466State of Ohio v. Larry Jackson, Jr.ViewView
07/27/2022C-210523Elizabeth A. Cross Devito v. Richard L. DevitoViewView
07/27/2022C-210582State of Ohio v. Porter MitchellViewView
07/27/2022C-210602, C-210609, C-210621State of Ohio v. Kenedy SmithViewView
07/27/2022C-210603State of Ohio v. Stanley JordanViewView
07/27/2022C-210638Timone Andrew v. Aaliyah DennisViewView
07/27/2022C-210390Toni Ewing, Individually and as Executrix of the Estate of Shirley Ewing, and as Personal Representative of her Next of Kin and Beneficiaries v. UC Health, University of Cincinnati Medical Center, LLC, John and/or Jane Doe #1, et al.ViewView
07/27/2022C-210458State of Ohio v. Natalie RidleyViewView
07/29/2022C-210368Natasha Mitchell v. Michael J. Auto SalesViewView
07/29/2022C-220008State of Ohio v. Kevin SmithViewView
08/03/2022C-210537State of Ohio v. Keajzuan MaddenViewView
08/10/2022C-200415State of Ohio v. John OstermanViewView
08/10/2022C-210355State of Ohio v. Rickey BrownViewView
08/10/2022C-210459, C-210460State of Ohio v. Jason McVeanViewView
08/10/2022C-220043State of Ohio v. Alisha HigginsViewView
08/10/2022C-220161In re: L.H.ViewView
08/12/2022C-210431State of Ohio v. Jamie ToranViewView
08/12/2022C-210538, C-210539State of Ohio v. George DavisViewView
08/12/2022C-210550Forsythe Finance, LLC v. Cathleen Spellman v. NCP Finance Ohio, LLC, SunUp Financial. LLCViewView
08/12/2022C-210606Forsythe Finance, LLC v. James Yothment v. NCP Finance Ohio, LLC, SunUp Financial, LLCViewView
08/12/2022C-210626Forsythe Finance, LLC v. Richard Seibert v. Bastion Funding OH I, LLC, SunUp Financial, LLCViewView
08/12/2022C-210652Jacqueline Winbush v. Cincinnati Music Festival, et al., City of Cincinnati, Cincinnati Park Board and Urban Forestry, Cincinnati Board of Park CommissionersViewView
08/12/2022C-210668Dionte Price v. Christina BrooksViewView