2023 Decisions

DateCaseCase CaptionDecisionSummary
01/06/2023C-202443State of Ohio v. David McBrideViewView
01/06/2023C-210679State of Ohio v. Antonio HendrixViewView
01/06/2023C-220041State of Ohio v. Robert CarterViewView
01/11/2023C-220029State of Ohio v. Toni FolsonViewView
01/11/2023C-220098Colerain Capital, LLC, v. Hamilton County Auditor, Northwest Local School District Board of EducationViewView
01/18/2023C-220164State of Ohio v. John W. LongViewView
01/18/2023C-220255, C-220256State of Ohio v. Sontez ShecklesViewView
01/20/2023C-210476State of Ohio v. Jalil BentonViewView
01/25/2023C-220150Michelle Hillgrove, k.n.a. Klug v. Jeffrey T. HillgroveViewView
01/25/2023C-220177, C-220178State of Ohio v. Robert BungerView
01/25/2023C-220189State of Ohio v. Kourash KianiView
01/27/2023C-220137State of Ohio v. Alex BruceView
02/01/2023C-220303State of Ohio v. Julaid MughniView