Judge Winkler Hears Oral Arguments at the Ohio Supreme Court

Judge Robert Winkler at the Ohio Supreme Court on February 6, 2024.

Earlier this week, First District Judge Robert Winkler heard his first oral argument at the Ohio Supreme Court. Judge Winkler was assigned to a case by the Ohio Supreme Court’s Chief Justice Sharon L. Kennedy to sit in place of Justice Joseph T. Deters, who recused.

In an article published by Court News Ohio, sitting on the bench at the Ohio Supreme Court this week reminded Judge Winkler of the path he’s taken to get here and its similarities to his father’s own path. Like his father, the late Ralph Winkler, Judge Winkler spent many years as a municipal and common pleas judge before ending up at the First District Court of Appeals. Judge Winkler remembers going to the courthouse as a teenager to watch trials and watch his father work on the bench. It’s these experiences that Judge Winkler credits with inspiring him to pursue a career in law and has led him to where he is now.

About the experience, Judge Robert Winkler stated, “I’ve been watching the work of the justices for years, never expecting to one day sit with them on the Supreme Court. It’s an incredible honor to take what I’ve learned and apply it at the state’s highest level”.

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